500 years

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On March 29th 1516, under the regency of doge Leonardo Loredan, Venetian senate declared that “all Jewish people should live together” in a restricted and monitored area of the city: this was the day of birth of the first Jewish ghetto. 500 years later, the Venetian Jewish community is ready to celebrate half a millennium of history.

From March 29th on, many initiatives and events are planned to celebrate the first 500 years of venetian ghetto. This will be a great opportunity to discuss about many topics of national and international interests, as well as about Jewish people role in Venice across centuries.

Program for “500 anni” events

Ghimel Garden, in co-operation with AVA will participate to the 500th anniversary of Venetian ghetto creation with several events regarding the Jewish cuisine.

At present time, the available offers are:

Classic package: hotel reservation and visits to synagogues and Jewish museum ( kosher lunch and dinner will be available).

Thematic package: hotel reservation with special itinerary. This package allow to choose what to do and to manage your free time.

Cooking class: hotel reservation and cooking class (2/3 days or more)

Events package: Jewish holidays and specially designed events

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