About us

Sylvie Menaschè & Bruno Santi

Our food, fully respecting the Jewish dietary laws, offers a diverse array of dishes to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our menu includes fish and vegetarian dishes. And because of our concern for environmental issues, it also includes vegan and gluten-free specialties. “Jewish” cuisine is a complex idea. There is no single culinary tradition common to all Jews; Jewish food is more like a kaleidoscope of flavors and fragrances merging individual facets of the various communities and becoming an exclusive means of communication.


Ashkenazi Jews are the most obvious example. They brought the typical dishes of Nothern Europe to Venice in 1516. They were followed by Jewish merchants of Levantine origin who traded with the East, thus introducing spices and dried fruits like raisins and saffron to Venetian cooking and one its typical dishes, leading the way as one of the typical dishes of Venetian cuisine: the sardines in sauce. And it was the merchants from the west, from the Iberian Peninsula who brought the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean – such as the preparation of sweet and sour salt cod, similar to the cuisine of Sicily and Spain – to Venetian tables.

Our idea of “fusion cuisine” consists of dishes that combine ingredients or culinary styles typical of different cultures, an intercultural process open to all kinds of experimentation to satisfy not only our customers’ curiosity as well as their palates. Along with our study of various menus, we worked on choosing a name that was recognizable to both Italians and foreigners, that was original and innovative and was tied to Jewish culture.

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Ghimel (It. Sp. of gimmel) is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet, but it is also the G of Ghetto and of Gondola, symbols of the Jews of Venice and of the Serenissima, Venice herself. Ghimel Garden is located in the ancient Jewish ghetto of Venice. It has an inviting inside dining room and a large garden with pomegranate trees, ideal for families, couples and for special events (weddings, parties, workshops for children). We do catering and accept reservations with prior payment for Shabbat meals.