Ghimel Garden is awarded with the prestigious Kosher certification that is provided by chief rabbi of venetian community, Rav Scialom Bahbout. All our products are Kosher Lemeadrin labeled.


What is kosher?

The term Kosher (which spells CASÈR in local Venetian language) is used to indicate any food that follows Torà rules. The word CASERÙD is commonly used in the local language as a reference of all the provisions and limitations that has to be followed in the ritual handling of food (allowed and forbidden food, rules for butchery, separation among milk and meat derivatives).

Foods product of milk and meat can’t be neither produced nor consumed together. Additionally, meat is restricted to those animals who have the cloven foot and that are ruminants (i.e. cows, calfs, sheep, goats).

Some restrictions are present for seafood, as well. In particular, only fishes with fins and scales can be eaten. In this view, salmon, hake, cod, sole, sea bass, sea bream and sardines are very popular ingredients in kosher cuisine.

Kosher is thus synonym of great care in dishes preparation, as well of suitability for practicing Jews.

The Kosher certificate is released by a jewish authority that supervises the whole production process in order to guarantee product conformity with respect to Jewish laws.

 Wine is a key element in Jewish rituals. For this reason, certain types of wine can be opened and handled by practicing Jews. However, the bottle can be opened by anybody if wine is produced by following a precise pasteurization route (mevushal). During wine production process, only kosher enzymes and bacteria can be used for fermentation and devices or pipelines have to be cleaned under strict control.

Kashrut certification of Ghimel Garden