Shabbat meals

shabbat-08Ghimel Garden organizes private dinners during Shabbat and Jewish holidays, in Venice. In winter, events will take place in the internal rooms, while during summer the beautiful garden nearby the restaurant will be the perfect location for a memorable meal.

Shabbat meals on Friday evening (Chalavì o Bassarì) and Saturday (midday) are composed by:

Salad and entrée buffet, first dish, second dish, dessert and/or fruit, still and sparkling water, wine for Kiddush and 1 callah every 4 people.

We offer catering service for Shabbat meals: we can prepare meals and deliver to Venetian hotels. You can also come and pick up your meal. All the procedures are accomplished under Rabbi supervision.

(*Bassarì is available for groups only)


Meals can be reserved online; they can be paid in advance (before Shabbat) at the restaurant or online (PayPal). Payments have to be done before 14.30.

Adult Shabbat dinner: 36.00 EUR

Children Shabbat dinner (2-14 years old): 25.00 EUR

Adult Shabbat lunch AND dinner: 70.00 EUR

Children Shabbat lunch AND dinner (2-14 years old): 50.00 EUR


Adult Shabbat dinner

Children Shabbat dinner

Adult Shabbat lunch AND dinner

Children Shabbat lunch AND dinner (2-14 years old)